Concert in Pop Inn Vinbar 21st of November

Closing in on concert in Pop Inn Vinbar, already 21st of November! It will be a concert performed by Trio TrIvA, including a varied repetoire with broad set of movements  & feelings. Come and join us, and who knows, maybe we will give you a little christmas treat as well…?

The concert is only 150kr per ticket – so get yours now! Here for event 

Here is a video of me talking about the trio, who we are and our plans for the evening:

English text for the video:

First of all Trio TrIvA consists of Tim McVeigh Pedersen, Ida Fuglerud & Aina Helgeland Davidsen (which is me), and we are extremely close friends, colleagues and friends from studying. Ida & I know each other from way back, in the childhood and our music schools, competing as soloists and in ensembles, today we are bestfriends. Ida and Tim met in Aarhus, and are a couple living together in Holmestrand. We are celebrating birthdays, New Years, going to the movies together,  and lots of else including practicing of course, when meeting.

We got together as friends in Aarhus during our studies at The Royal Academy of Music, where Tim is from, and ended up asking – why aren’t the three of us we performing music together? So now we do..! However the best thing about  the trio (and most important one) is that we all have met wonderful musicians that we are safe and comfortable with, to perform, express and tell music together.

What the audience can expect from us and our concerts is our large and elderly repertoire. Our imagination sets our limits for the possibilities with our trio, because of our unique setting and instrumentation it gives us endless possibilities to perform any music really. However, we want the audience to have heard some of the music, to recognize it maybe and hopefully be able to give an amazing experience of happiness, maybe sadness or other feelings the audience are thriving for – most importantly touch someones hearts.

Because of our unique instrumentation our arrangements of the music is made by us, mostly Ida. We have to do this to make the music possible to perform together however it gives us space to choose the way we want the instrumentation to be set. Switching the types of clarinets and saxophones to adapt to the original as much as possible, within music history with an unique expression sound-wise in the end as a result of our combination of the clarinet, saxophone and guitar.

Trio TrIvA wants to express and balance the program for most people with a length that is manageable.
We want it to consist of personal stories, and the most important for the trio is to give the audience an experience. That classical music can give, be something you look forward to, enjoying at home and show the audience how amazing classical music can be. We want you to feel how amazing it is to live, enjoy music, dance, hop and truly be present and that all of that is possible with the ancient pop-music that once ruled the world!

Come to Pop Inn Vinbar in Skien, 21st of November and hear our concert and experience us firsthand!! We are looking forward to seeing you, happy week everyone!


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