Competition all the way!

Previous Thursday I celebrated my birthday by making a little competition where the price was to choose between a miniconcert or saxophonelesson. I was not only celebrating my birthday, but 20 years of enjoying, working and playing the saxophone!! I cannot believe how much time, laughter, tears and wonderful exiting times we’ve had. Imagine, its a whole decade – 10 years – since I won the Norwegian Championship, finally feeling like one of my milestones and hard work had payed off, laying groundwork for a everlasting relationship and continuing storyline of wonderful prizes, & experiences. The time flies by so much faster than what you expect, thinking you have it the whole time, while its slipping away..

Nownow, I won’t get to philosophic on you guys. Important news, the winner of the competition is Celine Kjærstad Danielsen & and she gets to choose & collect her winnings! Exited to help her on her journey!

In under a month I will be travelling to Italy to perform and participate in a soloistic competition. On the program there is Dubois’ Concerto for Alto Saxophone, movement I & II, SÅRT written by me and in the very end 1st movement of Reuff Solo Sonata for Alto saxophone. A bold and amazing program that I am very much looking forward to perform. Hopefully there will a happy audience enjoying the works! I’ll keep you updated on the competition. (And yes, my vibramshoes will be the ones carrying me through the competition, supporting my amazing feet..) The next weeks will consist of a lot of hard work practicing mental training, slow passages and some more competition tricks up my sleeve….

Enjoy your wonderful Easter Holiday everyone!

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