Briefly mentioned; Hellweek is a tool that I have experimented with regarding my bachelor-project. At The Royal Academy of Aarhus we all have to develop a bachelor-project on our 5th and 6th semester. The concept of “Hellweek” is developed by the Norwegian author and mentaltrainer Erik Bertrand Larssen, he has written several books, among others: “Be your best with mental training” and “Hellweek”. The first one is a preparation-book, lying some ground before you read the next one. “Hellweek” has in common with “Be your best with mental training” that they are both about mental training, the first one is just more theoretical than the other. “Hellweek” is, in addition to mental training, a book about efficiency, how to improve it in your daily life, avoid to postpone any tasks or work and be present the place that you are. You can take a lot more resistance than you think.

I chose to study this tool by myself because I thought it wouldn’t be right to talk in my project and presentations (at high schools) about a tool that I, myself, hadn’t tried. Now I have! I also wanted to study it because I think he discuss some interesting subjects and I wanted to see if it could help making practice more efficient. Not because I have a problem with efficiency, however, because I am working with that subject in my bachelor-project and need to try different approaches.

During the hellweek you have two to three weeks of preparing. The week starts Monday morning 5am and ends Sunday evening 10pm. Everyday has different tasks, and challenges, everything from observing your habits, inner and outer dialog etc. You are to set big and longterm goals, observe your values and future dreams. It is important that you every day are 100% efficient with  whatever you choose to spend your time on. If you get mentally tired you are supposed to switch focus or mode. When preparing you will set different, individual rules. As an example: I was not allowed to eat any sweets, watch tv or complain about anything.
You are not allowed to sleep from Thursday to Friday, you will during these 24-hours, be 100% efficient all the time – without sleep! Instead you will use alternative relaxing techniques, like meditation or Alexander-technique. During these hours you will work with previous postponed tasks and Friday evening at 10pm you are allowed to go to bed again. Everyday should also contain one to two hours of physical exercise. You are only supposed to have one of these weeks per year.