Trio TrIvA startet fall 2016 and consists of the guitarist Tim McVeigh-Pedersen, Saxophonist Aina Helgeland Davidsen and the clarinetist Ida Fuglerud – all classical musicians. They all have masters degree from The Royal Academy of Music in Aarhus, Denmark where they got to know eachother. Their mission is to show that anything is possible, only your imagination can limit the possibilities crossing instruments that there is no literature written originally for. The Trio mainly performs classical repertoar and are today collaborating with contemporary composers.

The guitarist Tim McVeigh-Pedersen (1986) is from Aarhus, Denmark. He finished is Soloist-education fall 2014 at The Royal Academy of Music, Aarhus. He has finished two masterdegrees, one in Denmark  with lector and concertguitarist Frederik Munk Larsen, and the other in Masstricht in the Netherlands with the famous concertguitaris Carlo Marchione. Tim showed from an early age his passion for classical guitar and has participated in diverse competitions around the globe. August 2018 he  held his own department of concert at Copenhagen Guitar Festival. Currently Tim is working as freelance guitarist and guitarteacher at Kongsberg VGS (Highschool) and Re Kulturskole (Musicschool).

The Clarinetist Ida Fuglerud(1991)  is from Sylling, Lier. She finished her masters at The Royal Academy of Music in Aarhus summer 2015 with the soloclarinetist from Randers Chambermusicorchestra; Bue Skov Thomassen and soloclarinetist of Aarhus Symphony orchestra; Mathias Kjøller. Early on she showed eagerly her musically passion for the clarinet and has from a young age participated in UMM, Buskerud mesterskap and Norwegian National Championship (both solo and in ensembles). During her time in Denmark she has performed together with several Symphony orchestras and professional ensembles of Jylland. Currently she is working as freelance clarinettist and are hired as Woodwind teacher at Kongsberg VGS (Highschool), conducter of Øvre Eiker Marchingband and clarinet teacher of Sandefjord kulturskole (musicschool).

Aina Helgeland Davidsen (1993) is a classical saxophonist born in Drammen, completed her masters in Denmark and The Netherlands with some of the leading saxophonists of todays world; Claus Olesen, Johannes Thorell, Henriette Jensen and Johan Van Der Linden.  From a young age she has been competing in Norwegian National Championship, and won both soloisticly and in ensembles. As grown and under education she has won SIMC international competition 2017, recieved TICON prize 2016 and spring 2018 she recieved Diversestipend for nyutdannede kunstnere, Statens kunstnerstipend. Currently Aina is working in trio RAKLEVERK and Trio TrIvA, both ensembles are working for future tour and with young composers. She writes her own repertoar for classical saxophone (Solo) and are planning for a soloalbum with her own music in the nearest future. Additionally she is teaching at Skien Culturalschool (school of music), lecturing and giving masterclasses. Fall 2018 she will study to become a certified Timani instructor, combining anatomy, body and music.