Ceremonys & Events

Ceremonys & Events can depend on what you need and want. Here are some suggestions, however they are very flexible. If you want or wish for something else just contact Aina for a meeting to plan and discuss whats possible.

  • Concert
    • Solo
      • 30 min
      • 45 min
      • 60 min
      • Repertoar depends on audience, purpose and event
    • Trio TrIvA
  •  Wedding
    • Reception-music with classical music
    • Dinner-music, classical music or lounge (Known-songs in acoustic versions, or classical repertoar)
    • Party, Pop music with Playback or your DJ. (Together planning which songs that are wanted, what Aina already has available and what we can look into)
  • Funerals
    • Classical music or lounge music
      • Length and price varies if wanted in church or during reception etc..
    • Meeting up to plan wish-songs, what Aina has available and recommends. You can of course suggest your loved ones favorites
  •  Events
    • This is a very open one. It can be whatever you are planning, a gardenparty, celebration of your weddingday, birthday or workparty. We will find the suitable program of repertoar for your occasion.
  • Other
    • Aina is quite flexible, making arrangements and playing all 4 saxophones. In that way you also stand free to suggest and wish for songs/music or the format you want everything to go down.
    • Every Event/Ceremony includes practicing time, meeting and planning.

Examples of pricing of repertoar and length:

  •  30 min; 2000 NOK
  • 1h; 3000 NOK
  • 2h; 4500 NOK
  • 3h; 5500 NOK

You can book Aina for weddings, funerals, confirmation, baptism – any ceremony. She will find the suiting repertoire and length together with you.
The prizes varies considering length, preparing amount and planning. The price on this site is only a guidance.
(Gjeldende også for sølvbryllup, gullbryllup, morgensang)