• Mentaltraining, Stagefright.
    • Aina did her bachelorthesis in mentaltraining and stagefright. Here she worked with the body, brain and mind to figure out efficient praciticing methods for both performing and preparing concerts. Mentally and physically.
    • “How to handle the spotlight?” is a workshop with tools and thoroughly research of how we work and can train ourselves towards what we want.
  • Artist in a modern society
    • The masterthesis was built on different combinations of genres, composition and improvisation (both classical and rythmical). All this led to many interesting takes on how to built yourself as a classical artist in the modern world we live in today. It includes workshop and lessons
  • The Body as an instrument
    • Aina has been working on this for years. Researching through Voice Therapy, Alexander Technique and fall of 2018 she will  part-time studying Timani.  You will learn experimental methods to use when you practice, exploring how the mind and body can help your playing and extend your technique. You will work with building your body up to handle an instrument in the most natural way.
    • You will be able to book full Timani concentrated lessons from 2021, before this Aina is in training for the certification. To read about Timani: www.timani.no

Price varies through length and if you wish to combine different offers or lessons.