ERRATIO is a project Aina has developed together with the choreographer & dancer Ingvild Vaagsether. Ingvild is a mastereducated jazz-dancer from Norway who is manager for the festival Oslo Jazzdans festival. The festival had their first year of performances June 2018 and to develop it even further adding live music to the significant dance is the future plan. Aina  will perform the music, improvise around certain themes, adding existing music, and the dancer Julia Nelson will do the same within her choreography including audience participation.

ERRATIO creates a whole new level of artistic possibilities through dance and music. Creating a new space for cultural similarity’s and differences being visually accessible, and in constant movement from each performance. Through improvisation in music and movement in dance the performers react to each other, and are giving new impulses for each they receive. All based on their professional expertise, experience and cultural differences.

The project combines  backgrounds, professional experiences and expertise making a 100% visual, auditive and life-like product. What is quite unique is the including of the audience by making them decide the form of the music through throwing a dice and leaving them in wonderment of what they actually have decided. This is just one of the «tasks» the audience are given, and the dancers create even bigger opportunities to combine the audience. In this way all of their cultures and backgrounds play a role in the expression the performances.
Through interaction they will develop a common artistic language through movements and music in constant movement.

August 2020 the group of artists will grow bigger by adding pianist Hans Kristian Ven Røstad and dancer Alexander Motgomery-Andersen. They will together participate in a longer and extended version at Stavanger Kammermusikkfestival.
First of all, they are currently working on performing at Oslo Jazzdans festival 22nd of June 2020. Tickets and more information will come. For now you can follow closely at the Concertpage, or the webpage of OsloJazzDansFestival.