Fire it off!

The upcoming weeks will be filled with concerts here in The Netherlands! Check out the concert-plan for details and come listen.
Here is my poster for the soon-to-be soloconcerts, it is made with a little help from Selmer, and my dear friend Arnaud Montois. As a thank you for all of the help they have given me – they make amazing saxophones! I will be playing on my gold plated series II alto saxophone and my soprano series III – both Selmer, both amazing instruments!


If you cannot make it to either of these concerts, there is a concert in Amerongen 20:00h the 28th of October with AHSO, saxophone orchestra of my current and fantastic teacher Johan Van Der Linden. The 17th of November the whole class in ArtEZ, Zwolle performs. And many more, come and listen  and enjoy – hope to see you in the audience!



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