New World

Now its been far too long since I have been able to write something. There has been moving, my end exam and drivers license who has taken all of my attention.

Back in May I got offered the job as a Saxophone teacher at Skien Kulturskole in Norway. Of course I said yes! Now I am living in Skien and teaching 23 young students every week. It is a new adventure and I am enjoying every bit of it. I have taken my drivers license (this previous Thursday) so now I am able to move around for playing concerts.
This autumn I have played in a wedding both an hour classical repertoire and together with a DJ. I have played together with Telemark Symphony Orchestra and have  two concerts planned in the future and more will come. Check out the concertplan and find out where you should come listen!

Other than that I am working a lot together with trio TIA, preparing for concerts. If you want to book us, just write me or to the trio-mail on our page. RAKLEVERK is looking for a new replacement on laptop, if you know anyone Daniel and I will be very happy if you contact us!

On soundcloud you can now find my composition, the recording is from my masterrecital N0W – so it is live, here is the link.
Last but not least there is a new recording of me from a recital I did previous March (2017) on Youtube. The recording is of the Concerto of H. Tomasi and on piano Aya Tominaga is joining me. Enjoy, soon!

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