One year later..

A year ago I was planning my master recital, preparing Music and playing a dusin concerts – in other Words going a little crazy. Some weeks ago I was visiting Aarhus, practicing a lot With Rakleverk and Trio Tia. In a break, and during a coffee there was two gentlemen sitting at the next table beside me. One of them comes up to me and looks happy to see me, he tells me he went to my concerts last year, and for my exam he had made a present. But he never got to give it to me.  A poem written on chocolat paper and a necklace made in Silver – and he still had it in his bag! He made the gift himself, and now I want to share it With all of you. It is very beautiful and should not only be hiding on my wall.

Thank you for such a lovely present, it is not every day you meet someone fan of Your Music and who have made something inspired by it. A lot can happen in a year – so glad to be able to give so many People Music and share that With you!

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