Concert, Photoshoot and Competition

A couple of weeks ago I had the most amazing and weirdest concert-experience. I was asked to play at a school where people have had a long day with auditions. Not music-auditions or theater, I think they do a little bit of everything at that school. Anyway, in the very end they learn to do projects. I was asked to play a concert, a secret concert.
First they wanted me to play in the woods as background. I was exited. But in the end I actually ended up playing concert at a container. Because they thought the container was looking horrible, so I would be a great contrast up there with my saxophone. It was incredible and I will show you pictures as soon as they arrives!

Yesterday I met with Veronica Isabelle Photography and we had a fun photoshoot together. You will see a lot of pictures being updated on the website during the next few days. I will also post a couple in this post. We got some great pictures so a big thanks and applause for Veronica Isabelle Photography!


And last, but not least, I am so exited to tell you that I am travelling to Stockholm this weekend to a competition. It will be so much fun! I have worked hard and I am ready to play some music!

Wish me good luck, soon!

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