Exploring practicing

Now’s the time to truly explore the depths of your practicing and needs. The perfect time to listen to yourself and what you always wish you had more time for.
Without social meeting spots and a lot of times connecting through computers and screens we can experience headache and experience a lot more tiredness than usual – this is normal!
Remember to take breaks from the screens and make it shorter than usual. However, the opportunity to practice is amazing because you don’t need a screen to practice!
It can become a free space to explore inside, your daily exercises and your skills on the instruments. What do you need to come closer to your goals? In your ideal world what do you need in your practicing? What are other peoples abilities and what are they doing that you are not?
If you often get nervous or stressed for concerts – who knows something about this than you? Who can help you?
What do you need in these screendays to make yourself more calm and more okay with how you feel?
We all react different and with different needs. To listen to them and accepting them will improve your practicing better because you are doing the practicing and if you are well, your concentration will improve and therefor your results will improve.

Photograph by Ingse-Lita Bjørkli

In need of more concrete tips? Want me to make a tutorial (contact me regarding the subject!) Check out my next event and sign up for a place in “Mentaltraning and practicing methods for musicians” on FB. Most likely it will go online as a webinar-workshop, and if it is done live you can join online anyway. So sign up!
You can always sign up for a mental training session with me, where we can work on your practicing needs or your nervousness habits and how to help your nervous-system in the best way suited for you.

Booking: http://www.ainadavidsen.dk/?page_id=768
Facebookpage: https://www.facebook.com/ainahelgelanddavidsen
Event: Mentaltraining & Practicing techniques for musicians

Happy practicing and have a wonderful weekend – remember to take some fresh air in, wherever you are!

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