Soloist with Julie Davidsen and BISYOC orchestra 2015

So long no see (writing or updates)! I am so exited to finally get started again. As written in my concert schedule I will play concerts this weekend in Drammen and Lillestrøm. The previous 9-10 days I have been with BISYOC orchestra getting ready to be a soloist together with Julie Helgeland Davidsen.

We will perform the beautiful II movement of Concerto da Camera (1948) by A. Honegger written for english horn and flute originally. Jean-Marie Londeix transposed the piece in 1990 for alto saxophone and flute, which is the version we will do.

This upcoming Friday we will both be interviewed by NRK Østafjells radio, live over the phone. So if you are interested and have the opportunity – tune in! Currently we are both in rehearsals at Hurdal Folkehøyskole and it is therefor difficult to do it in any other way than over the phone.
We are so exited, this is a big opportunity for both of us! We are going to perform with great musicians, people and enjoy enchanting music together!

You can buy tickets here, we hope to see you there!!


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