Hello Netherlands!

There has been some big changes lately! The biggest news is that I am now  living in Zwolle, a little dutch city. I have lived here for one week and am loving it. This is the city where I will be studying the next semester with Johan van der Lindens class. There will be recitals and saxophone orchestra, a new school with new friends – I cannot wait to start this adventure! I will keep you updated on program and recitals so you know what, when and where!

On my way over here, I had to practice in my parents’ house-car. Quite an unusual experience I must say!

Other than expanding network and studies I have together with my two colleagues, Pia Christensen and Daniel Robinsen, recorded three songs for my master project. We are doing compositions by Daniel composed for Piano, saxophones (all played by me) and electronics. Maybe I will present you a little taste of it in the nearest future. The idea is to break music barriers and instrumental barriers, and make something unique. The spring 2017 we are planning some concerts – I will keep you informed.

Right now my concert plan is not quite up to date, however, I will make sure it is as soon as possible. Hope you all have had a great summer and that you are ready for a new year of learning. I know I am!


Soon! If you know any good places to see or go, or play – send me a mail!


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