Masterclasses in projectweek, ArtEZ

My last weeks are closing in, and so are my exam in January. This week we have enjoyed projectweek in ArtEZ, Zwolle. We were so lucky, as a saxophoneclass, to meet Asya Fateyeva and recieve a wonderful masterclass from her.

Tuesday she performed a concert together with our teacher and some students from the class. (Unfortunatly) I had a concert myself, that I had to be in Amsterdam for, so I did not get the chance to hear it. Luckily I have heard many recordings of her, and rumor has it (from the rest of the class, and as expected) that the concert was unique and fantastic! And I am sure of it!!

Now its already December and I have around 3 short weeks left in total of my Erasmus stay. Two concerts: 9th of December with the saxophone orchestra AHSO, and my final exam 13th of January 2017. It has passed by so fast, and I enjoyed it SO much!! There is not enough words for how much I have learned, and how many wonderful people that have entered my life.

I will cherish these last weeks, enjoy prepping for Christmas and exam. Thank you Asya, for bringing a wonderful start to the end!

Here’s a picture from the masterclass, thank you Johan Van Der Linden for capturing the moment!



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