There are only a couple of hours until the marathon starts. A lot has happened since my last post, I am back in Denmark for finishing my masters. I have delivered my master project and currently working on two festivals: RAMA and Nordic Saxophone Festival.  I have finished my first composition for barytone saxophone, alto saxophone and electronics (pedals) and will perform it for my master exam 13th of June.

RAMA will go down today, free concerts from 13:00h until 01:00h by students from the whole conservatory! I will perform at 6 different concerts in different styles. Together with bigband I will play together with Jørgen Munkeby and perform black jazz/metal, I will join bigbands for classic bigband style and flamenco music. Towards the ending of the evening there will be contemporary music and RAKLEVERK will end with a mix between jazz,  classical and electronical music. More details for the concerts can be seen here at my concert-page.

The Nordic Saxophone Festival will start off Monday and have the final concert Friday the 15th of April. There will be all kind of music, from Bach and Händel to contemporary composers like Loveday, there will be quartets and saxophone orchestras – something for everyone! Everything is also for free, and will be played by people from all over the world.

I hope to see some friendly faces in the audience – I will enjoy my day filled with all the different styles I could dream of and playing on all of my amazing four saxophones during one day! So exited!


Picture is taken previous Sunday from Rakleverks first concert.

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