17th of May – Concerts and National Costumes

17th of May is the national day of Norway, where the true  Norwegians comes through. We dress up in our National costumes and walk in the streets, sing, eat delcious food and ice cream celebrating freedom and the childrens day. This year was a little bit different for me. I have been living in Denmark for the past 5 years, as you know, and I will be moving to Norway this upcoming fall. This means that this year was one of my last national days in Århus, at least for the years to come.
The day was finished off with the last class concert of RAMA saxophone class – my very last concert – EVER (!) – as a student of this class..crazy!! And it went off with a bang 😉

Here you can see a picture of  me in my naional costume, called : Hardangerbunad. The costume shows where your roots are from, I could choose from both the North and West side of Norway (because of my grandparents). This is made by my amazing grandmother in the West part of Norway, Aud Helgeland.
underneath  the picture you can hear the recording from the performance – Enjoy!

At the Moment I am on my way to Sweden – more infomation on why will follow!


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    1. Thank you! The concert was 17th of may 2017, so unfortunatly it is long over. However – you can follow my concertplan and see where my Next concerts are. Or fix a concert so I can come play somewhere – if you want to hear live! 🙂

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