SIMC 2017

This previous weekend I had, as written in the last post, a trip to Stockholm. I was a little bit quiet about why, just leaving it to the curiosity. I wanted to test some of my program for my masterrecital N0W, which are coming up 13th of June 13:00h in Aarhus. Little did I know that I was going to recieve 1st prize for my performance, and I had the honor of performing together with other 1st prize winners at the prize-winner-concert Sunday.

Pictures Drammens Tidende, Povilas Stanys

It was an amazing experience and I am so grateful, and happy. Thank you SIMC (Stockholm International Music Competition)!

You can read about it on the site of my school (link here), at my hometowns news paper Drammens Tidende or at SIMC.

Pictures Drammens Tidende, Povilas Stanys

Enjoy your week and hope to see many to the recital of the 13th!


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