N0W – Masterrecital

One week ago I performed my  masterrecital N0W in the Chamber Music Hall at The Royal Academy of Music in Århus. It was an experience for life and I enjoyed every second of it! My family and dear friends was there, and my girlfriend with all of their support and love. This was the finish line for my masterdegree and now even more exiting plans can take place.

It was a sepcial concert because for the first time in my life I premiered my own composition, a composition I have been working on for 8 months. One year ago I was convinced that I could never make something myself and last week I stood there, in the hall, playing something made by me.

I named  my composition “Inner Piece, Outer Frustration” and it  surrounds a person in conflict with the stress in the outer world, searching for inner peace, inside the body, mind and soul. It has three movements, the first and last are slow and the middle more to the faster range. The performer needs to learn how to use electronical guitarpedals: Disortion, Whammy and Loop. It includes a poem for the performer to read/whisper. In this picture you can see my setup for the piece.

The second piece of the concert was performed together with the dancer Vincent E. Thomas. I played the third movement of the third cello suite by Bach, Courente. We started off seperatly, and with different lightings, ended up together where after the last chord, Vincent lifted me and my barytone up and carried us back to the stage (I was standing in the middle of the audience).

Unfortunatly  I did not get a videotape of it, however, lucky for me Stine Vejen was present at the concert with her camera. She took some amazing pictures which are here in this post. I will soon post the recordings from the concert on a seperate page here, and I am working on a soundcloud profile where they also will be available.

So stay tuned for the recordings and info regarding a concert in Paris in the Autumn!

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