Playing with shoes

Some of you have wondered how I play with Vibrams/Vivos, and wants me to show them when I am performing. There are a couple of challenges with showing them, heres why:

  1. As a classical musician you normally do not want the audience to notice your shoes more than your playing. Therefor we use black ones, and try to hide them as much as we can. Because Vibrams have five toes and draws normally a lot of attention, I wear black ones so they can smoothly fit any concert.
  2. When I videotape a performance or concert I normally do not focus the camera towards my feet or zooming in at them. Thats why they are almost invisible when you see me at film.

However, I want to show you a couple of practicing videos from my rehearsalroom, where I improvise with guitar-pedals and use my fivetoe-socks for flexibility or my Vibrams. They are a little bit more visible in these videos. (Though the sound might not be the best). I am also explaining a little about how they can give you flexibility.

I am more than happy to answer any questions you have about performing in them. There is nothing like it and I am never switching to anything else! Enjoy 😉

Five-Toe Socks while playing

Vibram Shoes while playing

Explanation and talk

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