How to handle the spotlight?

How to handle the spotlight?

How do you work with yourself to get rid of habits that are stopping your success? Are your inner dialog conscious or unconscious? Productive or destructive? What are your motivational sources? What are you doing every day to get closer to your dreams and goals? How can you achieve higher level of achievement, making sure your level of excellence always is rising? How is performance connected with what you do when you practice? Do you ever wonder how something is going wrong over and over again, even after you do it perfect and then next day its gone? These questions are very average for any person and specially for musicians. Aina has developed a workshop and presentation with practicing methods and tools combining mental training.

Aina has been performing with her saxophone since she was six years old, including competitions nationally and internationally. When she was younger she had great challenges with nervousness and frustrations, struggling to finding solutions fitting for her. As a musician it is essential to be able to perform under pressure which for many students and people can seem like an impossible task. Aina didn’t perform bad under pressure, she achieved a lot.. However, her body was under constant unnecessary pressure, stress and her level of success was lower on stage than in a practicing room. On that note it became essential to research closer what really was the reason for this and what subconsciously was happening with her brain, habits and body affecting her performance. Personally, she would wish for all of this knowledge at an earlier stage of her career, which is what she wants out to young students and musicians today.

«How to handle the Spotlight? » is a project where techniques for practicing, nervousness, optimal presentation under pressure, changing of habits, how to develop your brain and learn how to know it better as a muscle. You will get to have a new look at what you do, and yourself, working mentally and physically to achieve what you want. This includes inner peace, preparations, understanding, mastering and exercising the mentality. The important thing is to work consciously (a little bit every day) to know what to repeat, repeating quality achievements.

Aina has used mental trainers for sports through her work, and musicians in addition to her own experiences and experiments as an artist. In Denmark during her bachelors she took the subject «Breathing theory» with Kristian Steenstrup, and fall 2018 she will be studying Timani in Oslo to become certificated instructor. During her exchange studies in The Netherlands she was a student of Alexander-technique and Voice Therapy. Combining all this gives an unique perspective to make the techniques sitting underneath your skin as how we eat, laugh or cry.
The message of the presentation and workshop is to make young people achieve goals with understanding, fast and without stressing the mind and body. The techniques are supposed to build up musicians as people instead of constantly comparing with others.

Structure, discipline and to be «a little bit better» than yourself every day can give big changes in the long run. No one else in the world is you, which means you have something unique and everyone else have something to give you. The students will get inspiring new practicing methods, and get the feeling of achieving goals in a healthy way. If you need this, or your students needs a little extra motivations, tips, or tools it is a great idea to get in touch with Aina!

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Photo: Ingse-Lita Bjørkli