Å overleve tanken // Surviving the thought

Å overleve tanken / Surviving the thought is a project created together and in collaborations with the painter Kirkerød Malerier to support youth in Norway in need of help with mental health. The project will be standing in 2021 and most of the income from the project will be donated to Mental Helse Ungdom and their work for reaching out to young people in need of a talk or support.
MHU has a project named “Chatten” and will be what the money from this collaboration will be donated to develop.
In 2021 there will be organized three days of art show with backgroundmusic, you will be able to support by buying either the music or the paintings. There will be one liveshow per day & the paintings from this will be auctioned where the income of course goes to support the organization MHU. In the end, if you didn’t make it to the artshow you can show support by buying the music on Itunes or streaming it on Spotify, some of the income from this will go directly to MHU.

The exhibition and concerts will take place 10th -12th of September 2021, in AASS Bryggeri’s locations, generously donated by AASS Bryggeri. We are very grateful and are looking forward to collaborate.

You can participate in several ways FOR FREE by either guiding the artists with your opinions on the arts development so far, or by sharing your opinion on what you think mental health is. To you, your family or people in general. It will be 100% anonymous and if Maja or Aina use any of the statements in their art there will be no way of tracing it back to you.

For participating in our questionnaire about what Mental Health is push here

For signing up for Focus-group and sharing your opinion on the paintings push here

For signing up for Focus-group and sharing your opinion on the music push here

Thank you for your interested and support, it is greatly appreciated!

Want to support us financially? Click here

Article in Drammens Tidende: https://www.dt.no/aina-27-og-maja-27-vil-normalisere-mental-helse-det-skal-vare-greit-a-ha-en-tung-dag/s/5-57-1596873?fbclid=IwAR0vgubh-lAPK0IDX5eRiK6LCqngdjSHK8gL-BrdWrj4e1T76__9amShVno&session=5263b769-07f6-4642-86a5-f0efb3a6f20f

Love Maja & Aina

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This project is sponsored by Drammen Kommune