ERRATIO is a project launched by Ingvild Vaagsether (choreographer and dancer) & Aina Helgeland Davidsen (saxophonist and composer). The concept is created on the grounds of creating an experience together with the audience. An experience where the audience get to decide what the musician(s) and dancer(s) get to improvise over. The performers get selected themes that the audience get to play with, however, the performers never get to choose the themes themselves, that is something that is decided by a draw by the audience left up to the coincidence or faith if you want.

ERRATIO is created to inspire an artistic experience for everyone that is interchangeable for every concert/show. Nothing will ever be alike and it will all be up to coincidence and inspiration, and improvisation between the artists and the audience.

It is created in two versions so far, one for children and one for adults. The one for children is so far done with throwing a dice to decide what the improvisation should include, and the one for the adults is performed through showing of cards.

They are of course angled in different directions with seperate goals, since the children often need more entertainment than maybe artistic challenge. The adult version is more directed towards research of the game between audience and artists making and creating art.

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ERRATIO creates a whole new level of artistic possibilities through dance and music. Creating a new space for cultural similarity’s and differences being visually accessible, and in constant movement from each performance. Through improvisation in music and movement in dance the performers react to each other, and are giving new impulses for each they receive. All based on their professional expertise, experience and cultural differences.

The project combines  backgrounds, professional experiences and expertise making a 100% visual, auditive and life-like product. What is quite unique is the including of the audience by making them decide the form of the music through throwing a dice and leaving them in wonderment of what they actually have decided. This is just one of the «tasks» the audience are given, and the dancers create even bigger opportunities to combine the audience. In this way all of their cultures and backgrounds play a role in the expression the performances.
Through interaction they will develop a common artistic language through movements and music in constant movement.

Current stages of previous performance:
– Stavanger Kammermusikkfestival 2020 (4 performances)
– Oslo Jazzdancefestival 2020