Mental Training

Mental training is something Aina studied during her BA at The Royal Academy of Music in Aarhus as her BA-project. Since then it has developed to quite an interest turning out to be a big library full of great exercises for musicians to connect with their practicing and heal their nerves for performing.

She has read several books regarding how the brain works, how mentaltrainers work on athletes and how it is persepted in the musical world around the globe. In addition she has taken coaching-classes & and keep going to as many lectures and courses she can manage to keep developing her methods and ways to help musicians.
As Aina has years of experience with competing and performing she have had lots of time to test methods and experiment on her own as well. This has lead to a lot of great tricks to truly get most out of your practice and most out of you!

Photo: Lars Bryngelsson

Through all of this Aina has developed a workshop, lecture, she is working on future webinars & is teaching mental training in individual sessions.
You can order your first mental training session FOR FREE through booking, and get the chance to improve and help whatever your needs are. The first session is of course with no strings attached!
If its new practicing methods, help with nerves, more understanding of the body, pure curiousness or an urge to improve even further and better with both your practicing & performing!

Current reading list:

  • Erik Bertrand Larssen; NÅ!, Helvetesuka, Bli best med mentaltrening
  • Anja Hammerseng-Edin; Fearless
  • Daniel Coyle; The Talentcode
  • Kaja Nordengen; Hjernen er stjernen
  • Johan Norberg; Vår utrolige hjerne
  • Katy Bowman; Move your DNA
  • Jesper Juul; Aggresjon
  • Own techniques & methods developed continuously
  • To read more about her BA-project isolated you can click here.