Contemporary Music

Currently I am working on different projects within contemporary music. I think contemporary music in public can be a little misunderstood at times because of the many different directions it can go in. It can be anything from John Cages 4:33 where there is almost complete silence and the audience´s sounds are the music to Maslanka´s compositions mirroring oldschool classical music decades or Philip Glass´s music reminding  of film-music.

I create my own music and I think more classical musicians should try this. You learn a lot about what composers wants and how they have to work to finish something, getting their music out.  You learn a lot about yourself as a musicians, your possibilities and what you want to convey through music. It is very common within the jazz/rythmic world to make something of your own, however we can all learn something from eachother!

When I write my music I don´t think that it should sound like something or should be contemporary. What makes it contemporary is that it is made right now, in this day – this moment! So it can really be anything you want, you can say anything and form it in your way. If it is good or bad comes to how you use your library of music and knowledge inside to form the music and get it out there. You can always expand your horizon by studying with other composers, compositions or learn more on your own instrument. There is so many possibilities in the world, grab them and make them your choices.

Photo: Ingse-Lita Bjørkli

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