Kvinnelige Krefter // Female Forces

Kvinnelige Krefter// The Force of Females is a concert-series made of exclusively female composers written music from 19th century until today. The music is for solo-saxophone and has a duration of approximately 40-45 minutes.

When I finished my masters in 2017 I wrote a 20min piece named “Inner Piece, Outer Frustration” that opened my eyes to composition. I wanted to be able to make something of my own and make a concert-series focusing on this, giving love and heart to beautifully compositions that are more or less undiscovered. Since 2017 I have finished one more piece “SÅRT” and are almost finished with two more.
However in this concert-series “SÅRT” is the only one written by me on the program so far.

The other women that currently is on the program is Lera Auerbach, Jeanine Reuff, Hope Lee & Emma Field, all from different countries and backgrounds. I am constantly researching for more composers and music, and am quite open to the style and genre.

During the concert I improvise a lot and include the audience in the background of the music, the forms and my history. It is a very open and warm concert.