RAKLEVERK started as a masterproject at The Royal Academy of Music in Aarhus Spring 2016 as an initiative from Aina. RAKLEVERK consists of three musicians, Esben Lynge Jørgensen (laptop, electronics), Daniel Robinson (piano, composition, jazz) and Aina Helgeland Davidsen (saxophone, classical). The three of them are playing together with a mission of creating an unique combination of sounds and music. They are combinging elements of jazz, electronics and classical music to create experiences for people – instead of focusing on any genre. It’s important that all of the three aspects of genres gets to improvise and show through the music.

RAKLEVERK are playing with limits, exploring each others worlds, and want the audience to come and listen for an experience they cannot find anywhere else.
The program is written by Daniel Robinson, and includes Aina playing 4 saxophones at the same time, singing and playing through one instrument, electronical colourful beats and inspiring sounds, manipulating sound work and mesmerizing jazz improvisations. The word RAKLEVERK itself means something which is thrown together and away, kind of a mess, which was suiting for this unique combination of sounds, limits, genres and personality’s behind the music that the group is playing with.

The Music is very different from concert to concert depending on the improvisations and the audience’s participation. Several of the numbers are affected and in need of small volunteering from the audience. This is to create extra tension, excitement around how the songs will sound (both for the musicians and the audience), and to have the audience “on their toes”. It gives the trio a lot of room for creativity in spur of the moment, and leaves a little element of surprise and the audience wondering.
Currently RAKLEVERK is working on some more music and their goal is to get to play a tour summer 2019. For recording the plan is set on fall 2019. The currently recorded numbers are together With previous member of the trio; Pia Christensen. She resigned her spot summer 2017, and shortly after Esben took over. The recordings are not mastered, and they are live.

Daniel Robinson (1990, DK) studied Bachelor in piano at the jazz department and master in composition at The Royal Academy of Music, and finished June 2018. He is searching for limits, Daniel goes without compromise for following his artistic ideals – both as a composer and pianist. In 2013 her recieved Bendixlegatet for MGK-students special honors. Daniel has for several years been a part of the Jazzimprintet world of Aarhus. He as published together with his own trio the album «Stjernenes Knæ» and together with Johannes Gammelgaards ABC «Kærligheden».

Aina Helgeland Davidsen (1993, NO) is a classical saxophonist born in Drammen, completed her masters in Denmark and The Netherlands with some of the leading saxophonists of todays world; Claus Olesen, Johannes Thorell, Henriette Jensen and Johan Van Der Linden.  From a young age she has been competing in Norwegian National Championship, and won both soloisticly and in ensembles. As grown and under education she has won SIMC international competition 2017, recieved TICON prize 2016 and spring 2018 she recieved Diversestipend for nyutdannede kunstnere, Statens kunstnerstipend. Currently Aina is working in trio RAKLEVERK and Trio TrIvA, both ensembles are working for future tour and with young composers. She writes her own repertoar for classical saxophone (Solo) and are planning for a soloalbum with her own music in the nearest future. Additionally she is teaching at Skien Culturalschool (school of music), lecturing and giving masterclasses. Fall 2018 she will study to become a certified Timani instructor, combining anatomy, body and music.

Esben Lynge Jørgensen (1990, DK) is a master educated electronical musician, composer and producer from the Royal Academy of Music in Aarhus. During his Bachelor he kept his focus on the art of performing electronical music live, specializing in ensembles and more traditional instrumentalists. Esben has worked within a lot of different settings through  Free-jazz to Indie Rock and from duos to bigbands. October 2018 he completed his masters at DIEM, The Royal Academy of Music with more narrow focus towards solocompositions, production and his own artistic development.
Today Esben works as a solocomposer, sounddesigner and is a member of the trio RAKLEVERK as the live electronical musician whom are planning tours and album. In addition to RAKLEVERK, Esben is working in a new band named The Great Compassion. Earlier projects where he has had an significant role is; When you sleep, and the band from Aarhus Farwell Carousel.

Pictures above: Povilas Stanys

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Photo by: Kulturnatt Drammen 2019, Juan Antonio Jaime