The album “Then” is one of Ainas new projects where her plan is to release her first soloistic album with her absolute works for saxophone. It will contain music that is a true inspiration, has been for many years to her and works that are newer and more up and coming.
The repertoar is carefully chosen and she is looking forward embracing the works, and framing them into one beautiful album. Aina wanted to capture pieces that are hidden in the history, maybe not recorded as much together with wonderful music that is performed several times before, and new music.

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The musicians that will be a part of the album is handpicked and truly people that gives a lot from their hearts. They will be working hard to make this an album you can cherish for years to come! 
For now she has received support from CREO and Furestiftelsen, which makes touring possible and ensures musicians fair salary. She is very very grateful, and it opens up the possibilities for the album so much more. There are still expenses that won’t be covered, so if you want to support everyone in project will appreciate it greatly! You can donate below the picture.

Photo: Lars Bryngelsson

By donating you will be helping Aina creating her very first official album, you will be securing salary, travelling expenses and so much more to a lot of artists (photographers, designer, musicians, studio) that have suffered during corona and you will be able to listen to Ainas colorful and beautiful saxophone sound in your very own living room at any time. 

“I am forever grateful for your donation and wish to help me produce this dream and treasure of mine! Thank you, thank you, thank you and lots of love your way!” – Aina H. Davidsen

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